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Miller wedding

Posted on April 3, 2016 at 9:19 AM
Event: Wedding Reception & Ceremony
Date: 3/6/2016
Location: The Old Market on Main
Time: 5:00pm to 10:00pm
DJ/MC Shannon Edds /Dylan Miskell
Mood of the DJ ( Excited and Feeling great )  

Scroll to the bottom for pictures 

This was a special wedding for us. I have been childhood friends with Kate and her family since I was a little boy. So this had a very special place in my heart. It was a beautiful day with gorgeous sky's. The temperature was perfect and the sun was bright. On our way to the venue the small historic  town of Madison was alive and breathing. People filled the streets on each side and business was in full bloom. You could tell that spring was here and cabin fever was now over. This was Dylan's first wedding of the 2016 year so it was the first time he got to set up some of the new equipment. After the meeting with the totally awesome venue manager to find out where we were setting up it was that time to start unloading the equipment. With Dylan and I it didn't take long to get everything in and placed, set, and ready to go. We were ready for the party and the fun. 

The Wedding Ceremony
 As the crowd filter in I was noticing so very familiar faces. It brings comfort to an entertainer to know people that you are entertaining for. The crowd was talking the venue was set and it was a stunning day. All we needed now was the Mr and Mrs. . I started some light instrumental music to break the silence of very anxious crowd. I think they were ready to start as much as we were. Once the bridal party arrived it was time. Mrs (Kate Miller) was absolutely stunning. She was all grown up now. Made me feel old. After a quick check to make sure they were all ready to go. The song to start us off was Two people fell in love by Brad paisley. Ladies and gentleman can i gather your attention please for the starting of the ceremony. They came in beautifully and Kate made her way through another door. Lets get them married. It was awesome to see the love these two shared was amazing. During the ceremony there was a memorial table for the lost loved ones. Not gonna lie Shed a tear one his one. Nick was part of that memorial and was Kate's brother that lost his life in a car accident so again it was pulling my heart strings. With the exchanging of the rings and a kiss these two were married. The recessional exit was one to remember. The great Diane Peyton sang her heart out to Bubbly. It was beautiful and she was a pro. Onto the party.

The Reception

 At the cocktail reception we handed out or love advise cards made a few announcements and left everyone to mingle and have a good time. I was fishing with my song selection to see if a particular song or genera was going to work. I was getting a little worried. The crowd was not showing any kind of sign that they were enjoying the music being played. I normally watch for heads bobbing feet tapping people singing or dancing to the music. I do this during the cocktail reception to find out what will be good for the crowd. It always worries me when I cant see the interaction to the music. Once the lovey couple returned from the pictures it was time for the grand entrance. They all had aviators on and came in to the phenomenal top gun theme danger zone. That set the pace for the whole night. We went straight into the first dance. This was where we introduced a new piece of equipment. The Chavuet Bubble Machine. Kate contacted me earlier in the week and asked if we had a bubble machine for their first dance. I am a proud member of Amazon Prime and they delivery in two days. So Yup we have a bubble machine. Back to the reception. So they were starting their first dance and I was working on turning the bubble machine on when i spilled the bubbles everywhere. Luckily i had the gallon jug beside me so i filled it up and had the bubbles going. Sheww that was close lol. After the first dance Dylan was running the Mic and he done wonderful. This was his first time showing off his skills on the mic at a wedding. He ran us all the way through the bride father bride and brother the groom and mother and on into dinner. He done wonderful and made my hopes for his future with ESP more comfortable.  I took over at the cake cutting cause they selected to do the the all special ESP Cake Cutting. Cant give away the details on that. Dinner was great the food was amazing. The smell of the chicken and sides filled the room and everyone was filling their belly's with that yummy goodness. Once everyone was finishing their food I was noticing people were starting to leave. I am speaking for myself but my anxiousness gets a little high when people start to leave. I needed to start something soon to keep people there. I read this totally wrong on this one. I found out the people that were leaving where the families that lived far away. The Crowd was ready to go I just didn't see it but they sure showed me when I started our signature avalanche dance. We packed the dance floor and man they were fun. We kept the people on the dance floor for the rest of the night.The garter toss was one to remember. My Man Jonny showed off his dancing moves with the stanky leg. You see he couldn't remove the garter till he danced good enough for Kate and boy did he put on a show. This guy was a ball if fun.  Kate and Johnny wanted to do a special song . It was a tradition from all the other weddings from their friends. Kate set down in a chair and all the guys sand (you've lost that lovin feeling) another TOP GUN CLASSIC. The ladies didn't want to be outdone so they set Jonny down and sang (Like a virgin) Yea it was awesome. All I can say is this wedding  showed me that I am not always right. I thought I was going to have an issue getting people on the dance floor and let me tell you the crowd came to life and all was phenomenal.  We ended with the all powerful and all emotional circle of love. Kate you were beautiful and Jonny you were a bundle of fun and both of you are now one beautiful soul. Thank you both for letting me be a part of your special day. And a big shout out to my man Dylan who rocked it out with me and another shout out to Todd Pollock and The great people of the Old MArket on Main. You all were absolutely Great to work with.   Thank you all for reading. Take a moment and like our facebook page Extreme Southern Productions and check us out on our website at  It is amazing to share my stories from BEHIND THE STAND. Take care and God Bless You all. Hope you enjoyed till next time

The Two are now One
The Two are now One
Bubble Machine YEA
Bubble Machine YEA
Stanky Leg Mr Miller
Stanky Leg Mr Miller
It is party time
It is party time
Cirlce of love
Cirlce of love
We had such a great time
We had such a great time

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Reply Jonny Miller
2:34 PM on April 3, 2016 
Absolutely stellar work and a blast to work with you ESP.... Great guys and very accommodating.... Highly recommended for sure. Thanks again for making this epic event so fun!
Reply Debbie Howard
1:50 AM on April 4, 2016 
Shannon you guys did an awesome job.
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5:52 AM on December 23, 2016 
The song to start us off was Two people fell in love by Brad paisley.
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Jonny Miller says...
Absolutely stellar work and a blast to work with you ESP.... Great guys and very accommodating.... Highly recommended for sure. Thanks again for making this epic event so fun!

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Jonny Miller says...
Absolutely stellar work and a blast to work with you ESP.... Great guys and very accommodating.... Highly recommended for sure. Thanks again for making this epic event so fun!

Congratulations on your wedding! It reminded me of my own wedding six years ago. My husband best research paper writers, and he made the sweetest vows ever. I hope you guys enjoy a happy and fulfilling marriage in the days ahead. Best of luck!
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